Monday 25 January 2016

ON THE WORKBENCH - Minibus and Highway Patrol

As hinted at in my last post I am working on a new setting for Arc of Fire games. I'm hoping to run a sort of campaign style game with a narrative running throughout. Still a lot to do on the background etc but I hope to get a scenario sorted for Russell P's first visit to Shed HQ in February. We are both attending the Crisis Point event in April and as the Matrix Game has started I wanted to avoid playing a game set in Andreivia, although the game will definitely visit Andreivia at a later date. I have been working on a couple of vehicles for the game a Highway Patrol car and a Minibus. Both are Matchbox diecasts I think. I don't like shiny vehicles in games as they never seem to match in with my own painting style but I didn't want to do a complete repaint of the Highway Patrol as the lettering and graphics are great so I experimented with giving the model a coat of Dullcote Lacquer on the shiny areas and repainting the other areas adding detail like brake lights, indicator lights etc. I am quite happy with how it turned out and now have another one to do. The Minibus however was a complete repaint as it was a Hollywood Tour Bus but it was perfect to represent a small bus that runs between villages on jungle roads in Costa Verde. Think 'Romancing the Stone'. I am scratchbuilding a roof rack with luggage but it's not quite finished.


  1. Nice.

    I'd consider revisiting the windscreens with some paler grey to white rectangles to represent reflected light and maybe a gloss varnish.

    1. I think your right especially on the Highway Patrol. I had a link to a chaps blog who did great windscreens will have to find it again as I seem to have mislaid it.