Tuesday 19 January 2016

ANDREIVIA - Turkish Border Force (Part One)

In the Matrix Game I am the Republic of Turkey so I needed a Turkish force for the Crisis Point event this coming April. In Shed HQ I had a load of the great Britannia Miniatures US Vietnam figures that I had picked up cheap on a well known auction website. After several discussions with the Oracle of Andreivia himself about how best to use these figures in an Andreivian setting, as I wasn't planning on gaming Vietnam, we came up with the idea of using them as Turkish forces.

Once the Matrix Game gets going I plan to flesh out the background of this unit but until then here are some WIP photos. Troops pretty much complete apart from varnishing and finishing the bases. The vehicles have had a base coat need drybrushing and detailing before varnishing and completing the bases.

The initial plan is for them to represent a Turkish Border Patrol in the Dagras Hills near Hill 154. Vehicles are two Trumpeter BTR-80's which I understand the Turkish Army has a few (these also fit in with other plans I have for this unit!), four Matchbox SWAT trucks and one Matchbox 4 x 4 flatbed truck all from Poundland.

Matchbox SWAT Truck from Poundland

Spray painted NATO Green and an added .50 cal Remote Weapon System turret from S&S Models and it becomes a Turkish BPV (Border Patrol Vehicle)

Matchbox 4x4 Flatbed Truck from Poundland

Now transport for my HQ Group, got more stowage to add to the roof and the rear.

Turkish Border Patrol

Turkish BPV's and crews

Trumpeter BTR-80's provide transport for the Border Patrol 

HQ Group

Another view of the HQ Group

BTR80's and BPV's and crews

Four BPV's wait to go out on patrol

Thanks for looking, hope to get these finished in the next two or three days as I would like to use them in a warm up game in Shed HQ with Russ Phillips in early February.


  1. Looking really good, love the patrol vehicles. My Turks in 6mm are Irregular Vietnam Americans, so they should work well. I can feel a purchase from S&S for those remote weapons systems coming on. And I beat Richard to a comment!! Woo hoo.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy. Got two spare RWS if you want them

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    3. Yes please, if they are spare!

      Cheers, Andy

    4. Yes mate had to get 6 as they are in packs of 3. Only needed 4. Will put them in the post tomorrow.
      Richard P

  2. Cool. Really like the BPV's. Nice use of the S&S RWS.

    1. Thanks Mark, I need to come up with a suitably Turkish name for the BPV's.