Thursday, 8 October 2015


The Andreivia Armed Forces Minister today announced that due to the escalating conflict in the country the army would be reinforcing its existing forces with armoured vehicles that have been held in storage. Firstly 10 JSII tanks will undergo an immediate upgrade at the Military Engineering Works situated next to the Dvimin Military Academy and should be available for deployment within a fortnight.

10 Andreivian JSII's before the Upgrade Programme which will bring them up to JSII-ID Standard

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I have been a lucky boy this week! I received a fantastic Russian Military map of Hanover as a thank you for organising the recent CWC Weekend in Broughton from Mark Fry and I also became the proud owner of the ATV Tower, a gift from the creator of Andreivia, Richard Crawley (also known as the Oracle of Andreivia), for my help in organising the Crisis Point Weekend games held in the wonderful village of  Dungworth every March.

Thank you so much Oh Mighty Oracle!

ATV (Andreivian Television) Tower situated on Central Square in Tcherbevan, capital of Andreivia

Italian Special Forces occupy the top of the tower at this years Crisis Point event

The ATV Tower dominates the skyline in Tcherbevan. (The Oracle of Andreivia himself drinking tea!)