Monday 4 January 2016

ANDREIVIA - Air Andreivia (Part Two)

A little progress on the Ford Tri-Motor model. After a few suggestions I decided to go with an aluminium colour scheme and will add blue and yellow sections when my Vallejo paint order arrives.

This is the type of paint scheme I am thinking of using blue and yellow.

The Revell kit comes with various decals all for early US 20th C airlines so no good for Andreivia. However there were some decals that could be useful. The next problem was getting a decal of the word Andreivia or Andreivian then I realised that the great Andreivian roundel decals that Steve at the Baggage Train produces have the word 'Andreivian' printed on each sheet so with a combination of three decals I came up with the logo pictured below. The red wings will be repainted blue and yellow to suit the National colours and the 'Safe and Sane Flying' fits perfectly with the Andreivian setting. 

As soon as the new paints arrive I will update this topic.

Thanks for looking.

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