Saturday, 27 October 2018

Never Say Never!

I've been a wargamer for nearly 40 years and in that time I have never finished painting a 28mm figure! I've dabbled a couple of times but never completed them. That was until now. Inspired by the likes of Gavin Booth and Fraser (aka Vonketteringham) on YouTube I decided to sit down and paint up some Tiger Miniatures 1919 US Marines and other Tiger Miniatures including a Mountie that I've had for a few years. Originally bought as the beginning of a 'Setting the East Ablaze' project, they have sat waiting their turn on the painting table.

Have to say I have really enjoyed painting these and am also looking at getting some Ancients for Simon Millers' 'To The Strongest' rules. Happy with these so far, I've bought some new paints for doing the faces and hands as I'm not happy with the colours but they'll do for starters.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

SHOW - Other Partizan 2018

A trip over to The Other Partizan show at Newark Showground today to meet up with Mark J to discuss plans for 2019. More on that later this year! Great show with lots of fantastic display/participation games. A few purchases including some more 20mm Gebirgsjager from Britannia, a Donald Featherstone book and a WW2 German 105mm Howitzer.

Great to see a few of the Cold War Commanders there, Andy M and Andy H and also Tom D (aka Solomon Rubenstein from our Crisis Point - Andreivia game). He's the chap wing walking in the title picture of this blog.

Anyway on to the games, sorry I didn't have time to get lots of information on the games so what follows are some photos of some of the fantastic games on display.