Friday 1 January 2016

ANDREIVIA - Air Andreivia (Part One)

Some WIP shots of a Revell 1/77 Scale Ford Tri-Motor model. A very pleasant way to spend the evening. A large G&T and a model plane to build. I will post more background to this model and Air Andreivia soon but I was thinking it could be used along the lines of Air America. Question is now what colour do I paint it?


  1. Cool! Have to be the national colours of pale blue and yellow surely. Never seen the trimotor as a completed model - looked at the old Airfix one a couple of times, but it could never compete with the Lancaster, Halifax or Superfortress.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Yes I think yellow might be appropriate. Surprisingly easy kit to put together unlike the Airfix version from what I read on the web.
      Richard P

  2. Got to be silver surely? With blue and yellow go-faster stripes.

  3. The original was aluminium so I think I will go with that with the added blue and yellow stripes as you suggest.