Wednesday 20 January 2016

ANDREIVIA - ATV Film Crew & ATV Truck

In the Christmas Game at Richard Crawleys one of our units was a TV crew from ATV (Andreivian Television) that had to complete certain film tasks during the game to gain points. I liked the idea of a film crew so much I decided I would do one myself, especially as Richard C very kindly donated the ATV Tower to my collection. In among a load of 20mm figures purchased from a well known auction site were a cameraman and a sound operator which I believe are Britannia. I think the pack also includes a reporter and a military advisor but I didn't have those so I will start with the cameraman and sound operator and add a reporter figure at a later date. A quick trip to Poundland found a suitable truck (Matchbox Kelloggs delivery van) and after the addition of a satellite dish from S&S and a repaint I think it turned out quite well.

Just got the bases to finish and these will get a run out asap.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice - look forward to seeing their footage syndicated on the BBC.

    Cheers, Andy