Tuesday, 17 May 2016

COSTA VERDE DEFENCE FORCE - 4 x 4 Transport (Part Two)

A bit more progress on the three Poundland die-cast toys. After the undercoat I gave them a dry brush with Howard Hues 1715 Italian Grey and then painted and highlighted all the lights on the model. I have painted the tyres and glued them to their bases. Just got some detailing to do and the bases need finishing off and they will be pretty much ready. I might task these to the Costa Verde Marine Corps (CVMC) as they fit nicely in my recent hovercraft purchase with some troops. More on that later. For now just some WIP pictures.

Thanks for looking :-)

COSTA VERDE DEFENCE FORCE - 4 x 4 Transport (Part One)

A recent trip to Poundland resulted in the purchase of these three vehicles which will be a perfect addition to my Costa Verde Defence Force (CVDF). Just gave them an undercoat of Halfords Camo Green spray.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

NAPOLEONICS - Belgian Madness

After a couple of bargains off ebay I seem to have ended up with a large amount of 15mm Belgian Napoleonics figures by Minifigs. So in between sorting out Shed HQ so I can get some Solo Games underway I thought I would start painting them up. While doing this I have come up with a crazy idea which once I have thought it through a bit more I may or may not share with you! It may involve Crisis Point 2018! Anyway I thought I would paint up one sabot base first just to check I was happy with the basing etc. I think they look ok so I will crack on with the rest.

So first up the beginnings of the Belgian 5th Light Dragoons.