Saturday 9 January 2016

ANDREIVIA - Fallen Statue (Part One)

The Oracle of Andreivia (Richard Crawley) has tasked me with producing a scenario for this years Crisis Point 2016 event in April. I don't want to give too much away at this stage but it will involve a certain Andreivian Air Lines plane and will be set in the Tuzkhur Valley.

The first battle of Tuzkhur Valley took place before my involvement in Andreivia and I have always enjoyed revisiting the AAR's from the early days of Andreivia. So I decided that this year I would return to Tuzkhur on the banks of Lake Khikide.

Now if I have read correctly (I hope I have!) the town of Tuzkhur is predominantly controlled by the Andreivian Armenians, which also fits perfectly with our recent Vani game, and being Andreivian Armenians they don't take kindly to big statues of Andreivian leaders!

WIP photo, made from a old CD with the toy horn for the main body. A couple of MDF discs and a metal washer and hey presto a monument to Andreivian oppression (according to the Armenians anyway). The Andreivians see it as a symbol of their countries pride!

I had a couple of broken 54mm figures that I had set aside for a project like this and as soon as I found the toy horn I was ready to start. There are a few more bits of the statue that will be scattered around the base when its finished. This will appear in central Tuzkhur in April.

As always thanks for looking.