Sunday 3 April 2016


So Friday 1st April arrived and after packing the car with all the stuff needed for Crisis Point V it was off over the beautiful Peak District to the wonderful village of Dungworth to meet up with the chaps to set up for the weekends gaming.

We had three tables planned with three different games using three different rule sets but all based in the fictional Black Sea country of Andreivia.

Table One - Pulp Alley.
This table would see Richard C (The Oracle of Andreivia) run a Pulp Alley game for Jamie, Benedict and Phil, or was it Pete :-). The game involved the GRU, MI5 and Andreivian Intelligence trying to find a Slicer Chip from a crashed satellite in the dungeons beneath an Andreivian castle.

Table Two - Arc of Fire.
This table represented an area of the Eastern Hills where a US KH11 spy satellite had crash landed after a failed attempt at a controlled re-entry. The forces of NATO (Andy C), Russia (Ron) and Andreivia (Leo and Arthur) would all be searching for the crash site and to try and claim the crashed satellite. To add to the problems on this table the satellite had landed near a Mujahedeen (Stuart) controlled village who didn't take kindly to their village suddenly being the centre of attention. This game was run by my good self (or was it my bad self!).

Table Three - Force on Force.
This table saw NATO (Ian) and Mark (Andreivian Turks) fight for control of a remote Andreivian castle.

Unfortunately as Mark couldn't get there until Saturday morning I have no photos of the table. I do have some in game shots that I will post later.

So there you have it the stage was set for another great Crisis Point weekend. Nothing left to do except head for the Royal Hotel and partake of one of their famous pies (steak and ale) and a few pints of 'Farmers Ale'. CHEERS!

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