Friday 8 April 2016

CRISIS POINT V - Big Trouble in Little Tcherbevan (Part One)

Sunday morning dawned, although you couldn't see it due to the fog! After another hearty breakfast at Padley Farm is what off over the road for the final day of Crisis Point V. I was umpiring again, this time the action returned to the war torn streets of the capital city of Andreivia, Tcherbevan. I was running a four/five player game with different forces having a secondary and a primary objective to achieve in different parts of the city. The idea was to tie up some loose ends from previous games and to also incorporate some of the events from the Matrix Game.

NATO - Andy C.
Secondary Mission - Rescue the former Danish Prime Minister and now UN Peace Envoy, Anders Blix, who has unfortunately had to take refuge in the basement of the Mill next to the railway line. Primary Mission - On rescuing Anders Blix and getting him to safety he would then inform the NATO commander that he had managed to gain information on the whereabouts of the two missing SAS troopers captured in a previous game.

Andreivian Armenians - Benedict.
Secondary Mission - Meet up with a truck driver near the Grand Hotel who has overheard a conversation, while delivering to the US troops at the Old Fort, that suggests that Serj Benkian is still in Tcherbevan and has not yet been transported out of Andreivia.
Primary Mission - Rescue Serj Benkian from NATO and return him to Vani.

Russians - Ron.
Secondary Mission - Intercept the Andreivian agent who has the Slicer Chip and retrieve the software. The Andreivian agent was believed to be somewhere in the Armenian Quarter.
Primary Mission - Discover the whereabouts of the KH-11 Satellite so that a Russian force could be despatched to try and retrieve it before it left Andreivia.

Andreivian Government - Leo & Arthur.
Secondary Mission - Rescue the Bubi 3 from Tcherbevan International Airport.
Primary Mission - Rescue the Andreivian agent from the Armenian Quarter before the Slicer Chip falls into the wrong hands.

You will find another great AAR of this game on Andy C's blog

Situation Report.
NATO currently have a force of USMC with an HQ at the Old Fort on the outskirts of the Turkish Quarter. A small force of British Infantry were inserted by helicopter in the final moves of Crisis Point IV last year and now occupy the Italian Embassy on the banks of the River Krupnehr next to the Andreivian Culture Ministry. Finally a force of Italian Special Forces, including a Sniper and a Artillery Observer, occupy the ATV Tower on the Central Square in Tcherbevan.

Andreivian Armenian forces have a squad of troops in the English Church located in the heart of the Armenian Quarter and also a squad in the Maxima Supermarket near the Central Station. A force from the Armenian Flotilla has also landed on the banks of the River Krupnehr near the Italian Embassy.

Russian forces hold the Airport and have two squads deployed there, one near the Hangar and one along the edge of the Runway. There is also a squad of VDV deployed near the Railyard.

Andreivian Government forces hold the Culture Ministry, along with a section of the Railyard. They also control the Central Square and the banks of the River Krupnehr near the Culture Ministry.

Table 9' x 6'.
The table represented the centre of Tcherbevan with the River Krupnehr bisecting the table east west. To the north of the river lay the International Airport and Railyard and to the south the main centre of Tcherbevan.

For the purpose of this game the city centre had been compressed by 2 ft and also another bridge over the river has been added. There were three bridges over the river, one road and one rail both capable of supporting armoured vehicles and a footbridge only capable of taking infantry. There was also an abandoned landing craft in working order moored near the rail bridge in case any players wanted to transport troops along the river. 

Umpire Controlled Events.
Arc of Fire uses a card based activation system so each of the four forces had three squads each allocated two cards (i.e. NATO - USMC Red Two's, British Red Three's and Italians Red Four's). As well as these there were four Jacks added to the pack as well as the two Jokers for Random Events. The Jacks each represented a vehicle, controlled by the Umpire (Me), which would enter from predetermined points on the table and may or may not be important to the game. The four vehicles were an Emergency Ambulance, a Minibus, a TV Crew and Van from the ATV Network and a 4x4 SUV. Each time the relevant Jack was turned over the vehicle would move along a set route through the city. It was up to the players to decide whether or not to intercept the vehicles and search them.

So the scene was set for another chapter in the turbulent history of Andreivia to unfold. 



  1. Nice. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pics.

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    1. Thanks Andy, hope to get the second part up tonight.
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