Monday 4 April 2016

CRISIS POINT V - Other Games

While I was busy umpiring the Satellite game there were other games going on all relating to the fictional Black Sea country of Andreivia.

First up was Richard C's Pulp Alley game which involved three leagues, Andreivian Intelligence, MI5 and the GRU. Their mission to find and secure a chip from the KH-11 spy satellite that has crashed in the Eastern Hills.

Richard C, Jamie, Phil and Benedict (looking very fetching in the 'Hat of Initiative')

Deep beneath an Andreivian castle the fight for control of the microchip continues.

A corridor collapses!

Sadly these are the only photos I have of the Pulp Alley game but I will post links to other blogs that will have more information when they are ready.

There was also a Force on Force game set somewhere in the Andreivian Hills outside an old Medieval Castle. NATO forces clashed with Andreivian Turks.

Richard C also ran another Arc of Fire game after the Pulp Alley game had finished which saw a small force of Andreivian Armenians assault the Turkish forces holding the Dvimin Military Acadmey.

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  1. Great photos, for some reason I completely missed photographing the Force on Force game.

    Cheers, Andy