Sunday 1 November 2020

WOEBETIDES - Scatter Terrain & Deployment Points

 A few bits of scatter terrain completed. Although Richard C pointed out that some of them could also be used as Deployment Points as we are planning on using the Sharp Practice 2 rules.

Monkey Totem which I got from eBay.

I understand it's a model of Kubo from a film.

Totem of the Monkey Tribes in the Woebetides.

Pots set from Scotia Grendel

With an added shield and weapons they will make ideal Deployment Points or scatter terrain for the villages.

A couple more of the scatter terrain bases.

Gallows, originally a Jousting Target from Blotz.

Next up my completed Woebetideus Raiding Party. As always stay safe and thanks for looking.


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    1. Thanks mate, really getting into this Woebetides setting. Lots more to come, including your British and Sepoys.
      Cheers, Richard P