Thursday 22 October 2020

WOEBETIDES - More Woebetideus with Firearms

There may be the possibility of gaining extra tribesmen with firearms during the first day of our 2021 Crisis Point Sharp Practice 18th Century weekend. So while I was waiting for a box of Perry Miniatures Zulus and an eBay purchase of some Wargames Factory Zulus to arrive I took the opportunity to paint up another unit of Woebetideus with firearms for my Vulture Tribe.

Six Irregular Skirmishers plus a Lvl II Leader

Mixture of Warlord Games Natal Native Contingent and Victrix Numidians with various bits from other Warlord sprues (WSS Cavalry, Woodland Indians, AWI)

As mentioned in my previous post, I had planned to replace the chap with the bugle as I had forgotten about the use of Musicians in Sharp Practice II. I decided that it might be interesting to replace him with a shipwrecked sailor who has been taken in by the Vulture Tribe. So after a quick rummage in the lead mountain I found a suitable AWI figure that I had picked up at the Bring & Buy at Durham in 2019. 

John Gillick - Shipwrecked on Grand Woebetide nearly 20 years ago!

I think it's a Perry Miniatures figure.

As if by magic! While I was typing this update there was a knock at the door and the postman delivered my eBay purchase.

So now it's on to the tribesmen with spear & shield. Again I plan to convert most of the figures using a mix from the Warlord Games Natal Native Contingent, the Perry's Plastic Zulus and the Wargames Factory set above. I will also mix in a few Victrix Numidian figures using Zulu heads. I need 24 -36 figures for the game depending on which force type I field. I wanted a different look to them so rather than using the Zulu shields I experimented with using the shields included in the Victrix Numidian box. I painted up a sample figure and I'm happy with how he has turned out so I will carry on with the rest of the force. 

Perry's Plastic Zulu with shield replaced.

I liked the idea of having a group of 12 warriors with bald heads, maybe they are younger warriors yet to prove themselves in battle. Richard C very kindly sent me a few extra bald heads as well as a rather nice beer mat which now found its way to my painting table. Thanks Mr C!

As always thanks for looking and take care.


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