Monday 30 November 2020

COSTA VERDE - Terrain Update 1

 Just finished my first building for my 6mm Costa Verde project plus a bit of work on a great Mayan Pyramid 3d printed for me by fellow Cold War Commander Peter S. 

Costa Verde is a fictional Central/South American country constantly under threat from it's Tintin inspired neighbour San Theodoros. More on the background and situation in the coming weeks. I also plan to do some 20mm games using the Arc of Fire rules which we use for our big Andreivia games.

Building from Leven Miniatures and Palm Trees are the cheap plastic ones from eBay given a paint job.

Great 3d printed Mayan Pyramid WIP. Had to include one of these as it appears in Herges Tintin and the Picaros set in San Theodoros.



  1. Handsome looking stuff as always! Great how the addition of a palm tree can make a building look more like one a sweaty CIA agent in an Hawaian shirt could be concluding a deal to shift a few tons of white powder outside of.

  2. Nice job Ricardo! I'd suggest that the Mayan pyramid needs to be heavily covered in jungle undergrowth.