Wednesday 14 October 2020

WOEBETIDES - First Unit Complete

Unfortunately due to the current world situation this years Crisis Point event was cancelled and immediately thoughts turned towards what to do at 2021's event. The Oracle himself, Richard C, had been working on an idea to use a setting he had used in a play-by-email campaign way back in 2000. The original game was set in 1942 and centred around events on the fictional Indian Ocean islands of the Woebetides.

Now rewind over 200 years and you'll end up in the Woebetides in the first quarter of the 18th Century. This will be the setting for the 2021 Crisis Point weekend. Lots of information regarding the setting, game ideas and background over on Richard C's fantastic blog

I will be working on a few units plus a load of terrain for the event and I will post regular updates on my progress.

First up is Nyimbu and his band of Irregular Skirmishers from the Vulture Tribe (Mother in Law's Tribe)

Nyimbu Lvl II Leader (Sharp Practice 2)

Nyimbu's band of Irregular Skirmishers

Figures are all converted using a mixture of Warlord Natal Native Contingent and Victrix Numidians. With additional bits from Warlord Marlborough, Warlord AWI and Warlord Woodland Indians  

I will probably replace the chap in the Tricorne at the back as I forgot about the role musicians play in Sharp Practice 2 so he needs to be attached to my overall commander (Lvl III). I found an old Perry's AWI figure, part of a load which I'd picked up on the Bring & Buy at the Durham show last year. I was thinking I could use him as a shipwrecked sailor who had been rescued by the tribe and now is part of the warband. More on him later.

Been a while since I posted but I will be posting here regularly from now on. As always thanks for looking and please come back soon as I have a lot of projects planned. You may even see these chaps in a different setting..... 

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