Sunday 19 August 2018

SHOW - Other Partizan 2018

A trip over to The Other Partizan show at Newark Showground today to meet up with Mark J to discuss plans for 2019. More on that later this year! Great show with lots of fantastic display/participation games. A few purchases including some more 20mm Gebirgsjager from Britannia, a Donald Featherstone book and a WW2 German 105mm Howitzer.

Great to see a few of the Cold War Commanders there, Andy M and Andy H and also Tom D (aka Solomon Rubenstein from our Crisis Point - Andreivia game). He's the chap wing walking in the title picture of this blog.

Anyway on to the games, sorry I didn't have time to get lots of information on the games so what follows are some photos of some of the fantastic games on display.


1 comment:

  1. Some great looking games. Shame I missed it.

    Cheers, Andy