Sunday 12 August 2018


Things have been fairly quiet on the blog over recent months mainly due to my Mum's illness. Sadly she passed away last month and things are gradually returning to normal. Or so I thought! While spending time with Mum during her last few days I did a lot of thinking of what I wanted to do and I took the decision to start Fieldsway Scenics. It's something I've wanted to do for a while and now seems like the perfect time. So I've taken the plunge and done the deed. 

Click on the link above to check out pictures of my work and information on how to get in touch.

Fieldsway Scenics offers a competitively priced painting service for wargamers in 6mm - 20mm scales. All periods catered for from Ancients to Modern and from Fantasy to Sci-Fi. Other scales are considered, get in touch for details. I also offer a terrain service building and painting scenery again in 6mm - 20mm. 

20mm Scratchbuilt Norwegian Quayside

20mm Scratchbuilt Hotel

20mm Britannia WW2 German Gerbirgsjager


  1. Good luck with your new venture. Your kit always looks superb and I'm sure you'll do well.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy, so far so good been going less than a week and have two commissions already.
      Cheers, Richard P