Friday 13 April 2018

CRISIS POINT 2018 - Part Four

After another hearty breakfast at the wonderful Padley Farm B&B we again headed over the road to the hall to see what Sunday had in store.

After a brief redeployment due to some overnight operations and the unfortunate lack of the Woosterforce commander (Rob) due to car trouble we were ready to commence. The theme of Sunday was centred around Tcherbevan, the capital of Andreivia, as forces advanced from all directions. Overnight Woosterforce had managed to reach the outskirts of Tcherbevan and occupied the Mill and also managed to man the armoured train which was to provide some much needed artillery support. Leo took command in Rob's absence and a detachment was transferred to the command of the Andreivian Minister of War Solomon Rubenstein (Tom). I again took the role of Major General Roderick Spode commander of the British forces in Tcherbevan.

To the north east the White Russians (Mark J) advance towards Tcherbevan

To the north west the Transcaucasian Soviets (Russ P) bring on some artillery and an armoured car and immediately head for the capital

The Turks advance quickly from the south east capturing some of Woosterforce's equipment on the way

Some more of the Transcaucasian Soviets advance through the elephant grass 

Some more TS forces deploy in a field not far from the outskirts of Tcherbevan

TS Cavalry cross the Krupnehr River on their way to the capital

Meanwhile in Tcherbevan the White Russians have begun their attack on the English Church and the graveyard. The Andreivian Police put up a stout defence causing heavy casualties on the cavalry.

Woosterforce cavalry in reserve in the centre of Tcherbevan

Again the Police hold against another cavalry assault

Lookouts in Tcherbevan report a force of German infantry accompanied by mortars have outflanked the Dvimin Line and are advancing towards Tcherbevan through the Southern Hills

Turks assault the armoured train but suffer heavy casualties at the hands of the British manning the train

Cossack cavalry have managed to get into the city (Mark J played his Joker Card) and immediately charge into the rear of the Andreivian Police holding the Church. The Police put up a valiant defence but eventually broke and surrendered. The Cossack commander immediately ordered his men to massacre the Police where they stood. An action that has gone down in Andreivian history and is remembered annually at a service held in the English Church and a memorial to the fallen was erected on Culture Ministry Boulevard (more on this in a later post)

The Cossacks massacre the brave Andreivian Police!!!!

A Turkish aircraft enters the table but is driven off by machine gun fire from within Tcherbevan. That'll teach him to fly at tree top level!

TS infantry advance close to the outskirts of the capital but begin to take hits from the British Vickers covering the wheatfield

Valiant British defenders in the Grand Hotel

The Hero of Andreivia, Solomon Rubenstein, partakes of a little wing walking to inspire the defenders of Tcherbevan.

At this point we had to stop to allow time to pack up and head home. As the Oracle of Andreivia himself says in his blog 
"So who won in the end? You know what? I really don't care; it was a great weekend and we got some enjoyable gaming and good socialising under our belts."

Finally I took some photos of some of the amazing figures, vehicles and scratch builds that some of the players brought along. 

Turkish Battleship scratchbuilt by Kevin T

Some of Andy C's wonderful collection. Check out his blog for more info on the game and these forces

More of Andy C's huge collection

And more....

And more....

Superb scratchbuilt artillery piece by Kevin T with definite elements of 'The Guns of Naverone'

The Oracle of Andreivia himself, Richard C, made this gun emplacement from the old airfix model plus a diecast gun

Scratchbuilt Arab Dhow part of Richard C's collection

Rowing boat (or airfix pontoon)

Scratchbuilt German Gunboat from the collection of Richard C

As always thanks for looking. Take care :-)

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