Tuesday 11 April 2017

CRISIS POINT VI - Andreivia (Dawn of Freedom)

Pictures from the other tables including some from Jamie's Pulp Alley game.

Ron deciding his next move

The Andreivian Museum of Antiquities in Tcherbevan

Will's turn to wear the 'Hat of Initiative'

Now it's Ron's

The Andreivian Police move through the museum

The floor tiles looked great and Jamie had used Lego for the black display pedestals which looked great and that is definitely an idea I shall be borrowing for my museum.

The game in full flow.

Andy C now has the 'Hat of Initiative'. Rather suits him I think :-)

The office of the museum

Some great little tables and chairs

'Dum Dum'

The Caucasus table all set up, this would see heavy fighting between the Andreivian's and the Turks.

The Andreivian trenches

The Turkish trenches

Andreivian troops await the onslaught from the Turks, outgunned and outnumbered how long could they hold.

Andreivian FT-17's

Turks ready for the assault

Lots of Turkish firepower

The Turks overrun the Andreivian trenches.

The Turks prepare to march

Victorious Turks leave their trenches and head north in pursuit of the Andreivian troops.

The following photos are all of the Tuzkhur Valley table. Unfortunately I didn't manage to keep up to date with this table much over the weekend due to commitments elsewhere. So just pictures I'm afraid.


  1. Great photos. Loved the Hat of initiative.

    Cheers Andy

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