Monday 10 April 2017

CRISIS POINT VI - Andreivia (Dawn of Freedom)

Saturday - Table One.

So after a horrendous night thanks to a stomach bug, it seems to have been through work as well so I think the Rabbit Pie wasn't the cause, we gathered for Crisis Point VI - Day One.

Richard C delivered the initial briefing and roles were allocated. I was allocated the role of Andreivian Commander in Tcherbevan and also on Table One. Not much was going to happen on the Tcherbevan table so I concentrated on Table One.

What a lovely Lighthouse!

Somethings going on! Further north along the coast an Arab Dhow comes ashore. What are they up to?

Meanwhile in the west some more Arabs are stirring, something is afoot!

A camel train and even more Arabs! They seem to be heading for the old mine.

The Andreivian Commander orders an armoured car to patrol the northern sector and report back any suspicious activity.

The Andreivians occupy the Lighthouse

As well as the nearby village

A strange submarine surfaces in the estuary!

The Andreivian armoured care spots the Arabs heading for the mine and opens up with it's machine gun.

The Arabs near the mine entrance

The Camel Train reaches the mine.

The Andreivian armoured car opens up on the Arabs near the mine.

The Arabs begin to load the camels with something from the mine.

Arab Cavalry patrol the area around the mine while the loading is going on.

After loading the Camel Train heads for the coast and a waiting Dhow.

The armoured car tries to intercept them but is held up by the Arab Cavalry.

A group of Russian Cavalry, that has been heading north heads the bridge.

Reaching the bridge and continuing north.

The Russian Cavalry encounter the armoured car and after a brief exchange the Russians are allowed to continue north on their way back to Russia on the understanding that any Arabs they encounter are dealt with!

The Camel Train reaches the beach but the Dhow seems to have some company. A German Gunboat has arrived!

The Andreivian armoured train is ordered from the rail yard in Tcherbevan to head north after the news of the German Gunboats arrrival comes through.

The German Gunboat and the Arab Dhow are in danger of colliding!

A German amphibious landing force heads for the shore.

As the Gunboat and Dhow come dangerously close!

An Andreivian aircraft swoops in low over the trees, it's mission to sink the Arab Dhow.

It misses its target but the bomb hits the German Gunboat and disables the steerage. Ahead only!

Which is not good news for the landing barges as the Gunboat cannot steer to avoid the rear barge and sinks it with all hands lost. Not a great start for the Germans.

Meanwhile the Camels have unloaded onto the Dhow and picked up another load. What are they up to?

Arab Cavalry spot Russian Cavalry to the south. The Russians charged the Arabs but it didn't go well and some bad dice rolls saw the Arabs victorious and the Russians left the table.

Again the mysterious submarine surfaces.

Another Russian unit heading north enters the table near the small village. After initial fire from the Andreivian troops in the Lighthouse the Russians are allowed to continue north on their way home.

The armoured train arrives and immediately opens up on the Arabs.

The Arabs come under heavy fire from the train. 

The remaining barge is towed to shore.

The Dhow is given safe passage after a meeting with the German Commander.

Another Andreivian air strike targets the camel train resulting in the loss of one camel.

Also inflicting damage on the escorting troops.

The Camel Train has lost significant numbers but it continues on.

The Arabs Cavalry and Infantry are driven off by the constant fire from the train.

The Russians pass through the village under the watchful eye of the Andreivian troops.

The Dhow makes its escape.

The German Gunboat supports the amphibious landing. (The Gunboat was scratchbuilt by the Oracle of Andreivia himself and a great job he did, it looked great on table).

The Germans are ashore and immediately take cover on a large wooded hill. After the loss of half their force the Germans await reinforcements that may come overnight.

Table One finished like this on Saturday night. What would the sunrise bring. Who knows!!!! Only the Oracle of Andreivia!!!!

As always thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed it and please stay tuned for some more pictures of the action from the other games on Saturday including a Pulp Alley game which took place in the morning.


  1. Great report. Nice to know what the Arabs were up to while I was playing Pulp Alley in the Museum of Antiquities.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy, yes those pesky Arabs were up to no good all weekend :-)

      Cheers, Richard P

  2. terrific report, Richard. Look out for more background on what the Arabs were meant to be up to on my blog.

    1. Great need to update this with the info on the German Gunboat, name etc.