Tuesday 2 April 2019

CRISIS POINT 2019 - Set Up (Friday)

So Friday 29th March dawned and it was time for the annual pilgrimage over the Peak District for Crisis Point 2019 set in the beautiful village of Dungworth situated in the NW corner of the Peaks near Sheffield. This years theme was 'War in the Mediterranean' which could cover anything from ancients to moderns and it certainly did with games set in the Punic Wars to a hypothetical Soviet invasion of Turkey set during the Cold War.

Friday 29th March - Set Up.
After a very pleasant drive over the Peaks I met up with Richard C, Andy C and Will M for a bite to eat and a pint of 'Farmers' at the Plough Inn in Low Bradfield. Afterwards we headed for the hall in Dungworth to begin setting up the games for Crisis Point 2019. In it's eighth year now this is the highlight of my wargaming year and not one to be missed. Beautiful part of the world, fantastic venue, excellent B&B, Dave's tasty pies at the Royal Hotel, real ale, superb games and most of all great friends. As mentioned previously the theme was 'War in the Mediterranean' and Saturdays games were going to be Malta 1942, Operation Herkules the Axis invasion using the Battlegroup rules, Napoleonic skirmish game set high in the mountains of Northern Italy (not quite the Med but you could see the sea from the top of the mountain 😁) using Songs of Drums and Shakos and Menton 1940, the Italian invasion of Southern France using Chain of Command. After getting the tables out and setting up for the weekend we retired to the Royal Hotel for beer and pies, a Crisis Point tradition.

Table One - 'Operation Herkules' Malta 1942.
Rules - Battlegroup
Scale - 20mm
Axis Airborne assault with two platoons of Fallschirmjager plus an attached platoon of Italian Folgore to secure an airfield to allow follow on forces to be air landed for future operations.

Table Two - Piedmont 1794.
Rules - Songs of Drums & Shakos
Scale - 28mm
A narrative skirmish game sees Austrian and Sardinian troops battling against a French force made up of  Light Infantry and Conscripts for control of a small farm.

Table Three - Menton 1940.
Rules - Chain of Command
Scale - 20mm
Italian invasion of Southern France.



  1. The Malta table was a pleasure to behold! Gallipoli 89 felt, and looked, a bit thrown together but it was a very enjoyable game. Looking forward to next year!

  2. Great photos. Looking forward to the AARs.

    Cheers, Andy