Tuesday 16 April 2019

CRISIS POINT 2019 - Day One (Saturday)

So after a hearty breakfast at Padley Farm B&B it was time for the short walk over the road to the school hall for Day One of Crisis Point 2019.

Three games on offer today as detailed in my last post. So after a brief introduction from our illustrious leader, the Oracle of Andreivia himself, Richard C we settled down for a hard days gaming.

Piedmont 1794 - Songs of Drums & Shakos.

My force of French Light Infantry

The objectives of the farm and the main road

My fellow French player with his French troops reach the farm

After gaining entry they took control of the farm and an intense firefight with the Austrians

My LI gradually approach the courtyard of the farm

Jamie C helps our young Austrian commander with the rules. It didn't take him long to get the hang of them and he was soon trading shots with my fellow French commanders troops in the farm

The Austrians begin to advance through the woods towards the farm

The French begin searching the farm

Some Sardinian troops begin advancing through the woods towards the barn

A detachment of my LI reach the barn before the Sardinians 

Austrians in the woods trade shots with the main French force in the farm. Casualties began to mount especially on the Austrian side

A group of my LI scale the courtyard wall in an attempt to outflank the Austrians
The Austrians are now under fire from the main French force in the farm and now my LI open fire from behind the stables

Meanwhile on the other side of the table the Sardinians begin to sneak round the back of the barn

The Austrians tried valiantly to sustain the assault on the farm but to no avail as they were under increasing fire from both French forces. Around the barn long range sharpshooting from the French LI gradually whittled down the Sardinian numbers and eventually we decided that the French had won a decisive victory. A great game and I was pleased not to lose any troops during the game. Well done to Jamie C for producing an excellent scenario with each force having objectives throughout the game.

Some photos of the other two games.

Malta - Airborne Assault.

The first game of the Battlegroup Malta series was the Fallschirmjager/Folgore airborne landing to seize an airstrip to allow reinforcements to be flown in for the push towards Valletta.

Check out Andy C's great Day One report on this game on his blog

and Will M's great report on both Battlegroup games

Menton 1940

Check out Richard C's Crisis Point Report for more photos of these games



  1. Great photos and nice to see how the Piedmont game went. Napoleonic skirmish certainly looks fun and having read all the Sharpe books it would certainly recreate some of the feel for small scale scrapes.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Yes it was a fun game and only a small number of figures needed and a 3' x 3' table.

      Cheers, Richard P