Sunday 10 March 2019

Alumwell Show WMMS 2019 - Vaagso 1941

Last year a few of the chaps decided to put on a game at the Alumwell Wargames Show WMMS2019 held at the Aldersley Leisure Village just outside Wolverhampton. Unfortunately one of our esteemed brethren fell by the wayside as the sudden overnight snow meant that he couldn't get out of his remote village up on the moors so it fell to the remaining chaps, Andy C, Will M and myself to put on the game. 

The game was inspired by the British/Norwegian Commando raid on the German occupied town of  Maloy/Vaagso in 1941. 20mm figures were used and the terrain was provided by all three of us. Arc of Fire rules were used which work great for multi player games but without our rules guru, The Oracle of Andreivia, Richard C it took us a while to get back into the swing of the rules. By the end of the day it was looking like the Allied Commando's were going to achieve their objectives as after a long and fierce firefight they began to push the Germans out of the Ulvesund Hotel, the German HQ and a Royal Navy Landing Party were moving into the dock area.

For more photos and AAR's check out Andy C's report
and Will M's blog

A great day out and always a pleasure to wargame with these chaps. Also great to catch up with some of the Cold War Commanders, Alan M and his 10mm 1837 Algeria game and also support the chaps from the club with their 10mm Blenheim game. Look forward to getting together again for our annual Crisis Point weekend up in Dungworth at the end of the month. WW2 again but this time Battlegroup rules and a fictional invasion of Malta. 

There were some other wonderful games on display and I will post photos of some of them as soon as possible. In the mean time check out some photos of today's action in Norway!!!

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