Monday 4 February 2019

Plymouth Association of Wargamers Show - PAW2019

Friday 1st February saw myself and Mark J head south to deepest darkest Devon to do our first show with the Scotia Grendel Trade Stand. After a good trip down it was time to set up ready for the show at the weekend.

Our first show stand. It's a start and it was great to 
get an idea of what we'd like to do in the future.

The PAW2019 show is a two day show with one hall full of display/participation games and traders and another hall with the Bring & Buy, tournament games (WH40K, Bolt Action, ADLG etc) and a few more traders and some re-enactors.

There were some great games on display and I managed to get a few photos of some of the games.

Well deserved! This game was impressive to say the least.
The chaps had scratchbuilt the fort on three levels which
was a great piece of terrain.

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