Monday 26 February 2018

TERRAIN - 'The Wall'

Inspired by a recent post on Richard Crawleys 'Land of Counterpane' blog where he built a section of wall to represent the Berlin Wall for an Arc of Fire game he was planning I decided to make something similar. So here is my version which I plan to use in my games of Arc of Fire and INEPTT.

The whole lot!

Broken/Blown section

Internal and External corners

As always thanks for looking and I plan to get these on table soon.


  1. They look really good. That paving looks like the Metcalfe stick on flags, which aren't very sticky I found.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy, the paving is scored into the PVC Foamboard. It's fantastic stuff I score all my brickwork for 20mm scale buildings now looks really good.

      Cheers, Richard P

  2. Nice, Richard, much nicer than mine!

    1. Thanks! Sadly though mine is lacking the great artwork.