Monday 4 July 2016

GAUNTLET 2016 - Korsun Pocket

I finally made it to Gauntlet this year after several years of trying and failing due to work commitments. Unfortunately work commitments meant I could only get there on the Saturday and not the Sunday but one day was better than none. I was meeting up with Richard C, Andy C, Will M and the chaps from the Deeside Defenders to play a Chain of Command game based on the German attempt to break out of the Korsun Pocket in 1944. The scenario and game preparation had all been done by Richard C and Will M had built some superb winter terrain including some fantastic fences made from old blinds. The troops were provided by Will M, Richard C and Andy C. I had hoped to do a platoon myself but a recent prolonged illness got in the way of that plan. I had never played Chain of Command before and was looking forward to the game as I had heard good things about the rules. Also check out Andy C's great AAR over on his blog and Will M's superb AAR over on the Guild

Superb winter terrain by Will and Richard

Soviet air support, not actually used during the game but made for a nice photo

A frozen stream bisects the battlefield, another obstacle for the German forces to overcome

Closer view of the stream plus the great trees made by Will using tree armatures from China which I think look really effective and will be doing some myself in the future

Some of Will's great buildings with their snow covered roofs

A German platoon, Andy in charge, begins its long journey to attempt to reach the far end of the table and the German JOP's. The Germans had three platoons, Andy on the right flank, Will in the middle and Si on the left flank. The Germans had three activation's before the Russian's appeared to simulate the Germans slipping away from the front line before the Russians discover they have left.

The Germans were low on supplies and were tasked with searching all major terrain features in case they found something useful.

A crashed glider gave the Germans another search target.

A good view of Will's superb looking terrain.

Will's platoon approach the village with caution not knowing what they might find ...

A horse and cart! Could prove useful?

Will's platoon occupies the village and takes the horse and cart

Meanwhile on the left flank Si's platoon have discovered a boat hidden in the woods near the village.

Will's platoon continue to advance, no sign of any Russians yet!

Si's platoon also continues to advance.

Meanwhile at the other end of the table a Russian platoon with Gary in command advances towards the Germans. The supply dump is the German JOP!

And on the other side of the table John's Russian platoon enters the fray. The supply dump is the German JOP!

Andy's platoon continues to advance up the right flank of the table

Meanwhile Will allocates two riflemen to man the horse and cart. Whatever is he upto?

Will's troops keep advancing assisted by rolling 4 double sixes in a row! 

Si's troops reach the farm and after a search find some vodka but nothing of use

Will's cunning plan is revealed, the Germans plan to haul the boat to the river on the back of the horse and cart.

Germans advance across the frozen fields

The whole table in all its glory!

Russian ski troops occupy the farm behind the Germans and begin to trade shots with Will's platoon halting their advance briefly.

A Russian sniper looking for targets

Will's platoon reaches the frozen stream

Meanwhile on the right flank the Russians have brought a T26 on to the table although after a brief firefight with Andy's Germans the T26 is hit and destroyed.

The Germans are making good progress towards their JOP's but their advance is hampered by continual Russian attacks

The German field defences which indicate their starting positions

Russian ski troops occupy the farm

Another great aircraft shot, again just for show

The cart continues its advance but is slowed when it comes under fire from the Russian sniper in the farm.

The cart moves behind the trees out of the line of fire

Sniper looking for his next target

Time beat us but the Germans had made good progress towards their JOP's and Si's platoon had nearly made it to the other end of the table. A great game and one I would really like to play again, maybe over two days so we can play to a conclusion and Will can use his superb frozen river terrain. Maybe one for the Village Hall in Dungworth? Thanks to all the chaps for making it a great days gaming and also big thanks to the guys at the Deeside Defenders for organising a great event. 

I've got the WWII Winter bug now and have started working on some of my own forces. I really want to explore the rules further as we discussed there suitability for next years Andreivia game.

As always thanks for looking.


  1. great report Richard and nice to have met you at last

    1. Likewise, hopefully get to play this again someday.

  2. Great photos and report. Wish I'd had the chance to take some more myself. The table looked fantastic thanks to Will's terrain and Richard C's battle plan worked well.

    Cheers, Andy

  3. Thanks Andy, Will's terrain was fantastic and it's definitely a game I'd like to play again with more time.
    Richard P