Tuesday 19 July 2016

D DAY - Part One

Over recent years myself and Andy C have both expressed an ambition to one day do a massive D-Day game in 6mm using Blitzkrieg Commander II Rules (or III if Pendraken ever pull their finger out!). So at Sundays Joy of Six show, when I could get near the Heroics and Ros stand, I picked up the first of what I imagine will be a very long ongoing project. 8 Centaur 95mm CS tanks. I plan to do this project in small units so I can go to town on the modelling and basing of the units.

First up on the workbench is the 5th Royal Marine Independent Armoured Support Battery (R, S, T and V Troops) complete with scratchbuilt Porpoise Ammunition Sledges. I plan to add some plasticard to the rear of each tank to represent the Deep Wading Set and a small piece over the hatch. So far I am quite pleased with how the Porpoise Ammunition Sledges have turned out and they fit nicely on the standard 40mm x 20mm MDF base.

I have read that there were instances of tanks towing two sledges ashore so I may model extra sledges to represent this or just use a larger base. Not sure yet.

As always thanks for looking and look out for Part Two when I have added the Deep Wading Kit details.

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