Wednesday 16 March 2016

ON THE WORKBENCH - Railside Mill (Update 2)

The Railside Mill is pretty much finished, more windows added plus the mill has been based. Just got to do the sign for the roof.


  1. Great looking piece. How did you do the fencing, is it scratch built or a commercial set. Looks really good.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Hi Andy,
      The fencing is made from Car Repair Mesh available from places like Halfords. It's only a pound or two for a sheet and it works great for fencing. I spray it black then dry brush with a suitable metallic paint. The posts are just matchsticks glued into the 2mm MDF base.
      Richard P

  2. Very effective. I have some offcuts of nylon netting which was painted gold before I got hold of it and I do the same as you to give the wire mesh look, but yours looks really good.

    Cheers, Andy