Monday 28 December 2015

CHRISTMAS WARGAME - Struggle for Vani (Part Two)

A few more photo's.

Richard C's Christmas Prezzie!

Vani Town Square quiet in the early morning sunlight.

Former President Serj Benkian's Residence.

Radio Vani with the Travel Agents and Ladies Fashion shops in the background. A VW Beetle parked in the street that was later to be found with a large quantity of drugs in the boot belonging to the Chechen Mafia. Slight confusion arose when the Chechen's couldn't remember which end the boot is on a VW Beetle!

A view of Vani town centre.

Vani Town Square begins to fill up with Rioters from both the APF and the DUA, a film crew from ATV begins to film as the local police arrive. It's going to be a busy day in Vani!

Armenian Popular Front (APF) Rioters in the Town Square.

ATV Film Crew begin to report on events.

Democratic Union of Armenia (DUA) Rioters head for the Town Hall where they would spend most of the game looting!

Which ends the boot?

The police looking a bit outnumbered!

The UN HQ in Vani in the Rail Yard.

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