Wednesday 1 May 2024

THE BUNKER - Alfa Zone/Rogue Stars Project (Part Two)

A quick update on the Bunker project. A couple of rooms starting to take shape and some ideas for future areas for the Bunker.

L-R Two computer stations made from computers from Ainsty Castings plinths with added Actual Size Miniatures computers. Ice machine, washing machine and fridge again from Actual Size Miniatures.

Idea for another room is a small workshop complete with lathe, milling machines and pillar drills. All from Anyscale Models.

Rough idea for a room layout. Plan is to add a couple of workbenches.

Two completed wall sections for Computer Room A showing the doors I have decided on from Blotz.

Computer Room A starting to take shape. The flooring is some left over roofing felt from a bike shed.

Another view of Computer Room A.

Computer Room A again showing the Blotz door which I'm really pleased with as I think they match the feel of the Bunker.

WIP Hover Truck from Oshiro Models. I have a trailer section for this as well. Going for the industrial yellow scheme.

Another corridor section added.

Computer Room A leading out into the new corridor section.

As always thanks for looking. 

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